Why Mini Mix?

We understand the universal need of every parent to provide their children with a SAFE Learning environment. We design the balance bike to fulfill the need to have your children, play safe while having fun.

What makes Mini Mix different from other balance bikes in the market?

Safety design

  • Front fork and rear frame dropouts are covered with soft plastic.
  • Knobby end grip protects the kids hands from hitting the wall.
  • Frame geometry designed for little kids aged under 3 years old.


  • Lightweight aluminum bike at 2.7kg so kids can explore at a rate they are comfortable with, including getting on and off the bike by themselves. Builds your child’s confidence to take ownership of their first bike.

Strong & Durable

  • No flat PU tires offer durability and better traction.
  • Bigger and stronger frame / fork tube.

Mini Mix features

1. Non-slip designed grips:

Knobby end grip protects the kids’ hands from running into walls and protects the hands from hitting the wall.

2. Adjustable handlebar:

Adjustable handlebar height from 19” to 20.6” (48.5 cm – 52.5 cm) suitable for growing kids.

3. Padded seat:

Softer saddle for better comfort. Adjustable saddle height from 12”to 15” (30cm – 38cm) suitable for growing kids.

4. 12 inch PU tire and one-piece plastic wheel:

Wear-resisting tire with eco-friendly materials allows kids riding safely with better control.

5. Safety dropout design:

Front fork and rear frame dropouts are covered with plastic, which prevents kids from hurting themselves from scratched exposed bolts on the wheels.

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